Leadership Development

Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.
— John C. Maxwell

Leadership by Design

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Leadership can sometimes seem to be very complicated with some sort of mythical, secretive qualities that one needs to attain to in order to be a great leader.  This is not the case - Leadership by Design makes leadership simple by taking head knowledge and translating it into practical reality so you can be the leader you need to be for your specific situation.

They tailor-make solutions to meet clients' unique challenges by creating a programme that incorporates the core principles of leadership; namely self-awareness, self-management and leading others.  They believe in self-discovery rather than traditional training and use the wisdom of all the people in the room in order to create lasting change. 

Leadership By Design also ensures that any intervention has strong elements of fun and discovery in order to satisfy the brain’s need for surprise. They believe leadership is an art as well as a science and Neuroscience is proving how important is it to take the brain into account when leading self and others.

The following visual demonstrates the elements involved in behavioural and cultural change. If you'd like to know more, follow this link.

LeadershipByDesign Blueprintwww.leadershipbydesign.co.za


Customer Centric Solutions (CCS)

ccsCCS specialise in maximising team performance to grow profit through effective Leadership, Sales and Service Excellence. They offer practical, customer-focused solutions, with user-friendly tool kits to ensure sustainable results.

As the South African Partner for Gazing Performance Systems International, an additional skill and tool kit has been added to their service offering:  a methodology to assist individuals and teams to maximise their ability to "Perform under Pressure." This is achieved by providing practical skills, easy-to-use tools and maps that drive performance to impact significantly on results, specifically in a pressured working environment.


Sharon Shakung & Associates

Sharon Shakung LogoOur Personal leadership development programme ranges from one- to four-day interventions, covering numerous learning modules that vary in scope and depth. Customisation of the programme enables clients to define specific outcomes as informed by their particular needs.
The following topics are covered:

  • Self-awareness and identifying personal blind spots;
  • Understanding own personality, personal strengths and areas of weakness;
  • Understanding and respecting different personalities and perspectives;
  • Understanding your locus of control – being a victim vs empowerment;
  • Setting boundaries, managing conflict and giving constructive feedback;
  • Assertive communication and active listening skills;
  • Identifying emotions and interpersonal behaviours;
  • Understanding different levels of critical thinking;
  • Understanding functional and dysfunctional behaviours;
  • Managing disruptive change, learning from experience and developing resilience after setbacks;
  • Building confidence through reminders of personal successes;
  • Using the power of gratitude/appreciation and the benefits of journaling;
  • Defining your personal vision, goals, talents, gifts and skills; and
  • Contributing to harmonious relations in the world.

Read more about the Personal Leadership Development programme here.



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