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Knowledge Management


Peter Tobin Consultancy (PTC) is a management consulting practice that was established in 1994. Over the past twenty years PTC has offered a range of services based on World Class methods, tools, frameworks and standards, to assist individuals, teams and organisations to improve their performance in a number of selected focus areas including Project Management, Knowledge Management, IT Governance and POPI Act compliance.

Customer Centric Solutions (CCS)

ccsCCS specialise in maximising team performance to grow profit through effective Leadership, Sales and Service Excellence. They offer practical, customer-focused solutions, with user-friendly tool kits to ensure sustainable results.

As the South African Partner for Gazing Performance Systems International, an additional skill and tool kit has been added to their service offering:  a methodology to assist individuals and teams to maximise their ability to "Perform under Pressure." This is achieved by providing practical skills, easy-to-use tools and maps that drive performance to impact significantly on results, specifically in a pressured working environment.

Kingsway Marketing

KingswayKingsway Marketing is geared towards small and medium businesses who need marketing assistance in respect of websites, social media marketing, creating content to help market products and services, as well as branding advice to make integrated campaigns impactful and consistent.

Putting knowledge into action sometimes needs to be taught. Kingsway Marketing can assist in upskilling staff by assisting them with transference of knowledge and harnessing talent in the marketing environment.

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