Change Management

Transformation is a process, not an event.
— John P. Kotter (Leading Change)

Litha-Lethu Management Solutions

Litha Lethu

Litha-Lethu’s customised, sustainable solutions range from strategic development through to organisational design, and talent management. These interventions include change management, change communication; strategic planning facilitation using accountability-based systems; skills audits; competency profiling and competency assessments; HIV/Aids economic, and organisational impact analyses, HIV/Aids risk management, workplace strategies and tailored training interventions.

Litha-Lethu’s business philosophy is one of service delivery that is both client-focused and relationship-orientated. Their goal is to transfer knowledge, skills, processes, and systems to enable both their private and public sector clients to optimise their roles in the economy and society and to build a superior edge.

One of the tools offered by Litha-Lethu to their clients is the eCAPS strategic planning system. Watch this two minute overview video here.

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Organisations, as well as the people in them, need to be competent at managing change in order to survive and thrive. And since change is the only inevitable constant in all spheres of life, and is occurring at an ever increasing rate in the today’s world of work, understanding it and knowing how to manage it is more critical now than ever before.
At organisational level, change management as a core competence enables the organisation to more easily and effectively adapt to the ever-changing environment in which it exists. This competence needs to be embedded in the organisation’s strategy, structures, policies, processes, technology, and leadership competencies.
At individual level, people need to be made aware of the need for change, understand the reasons for it, be drawn to it and want to support it, learn the new skills and behaviours required to go through change successfully, derive its benefits and grow from it, and implement ways to make it permanent.
Read more about our Change and Transformation management programme and services here.

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