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Boards & Strategy

Leading CEOs have taken a stand for a regime change to create organizations fit for the future and fit for human beings.
— Robert Hargrove

Board Whisperer®

BoardWhispererBoard Whisperer® helps directors and boards to assume their full responsibilities in conformity with the relevant laws, codes and practices. They facilitate the selection of directors to ensure balance and diversity of thought. Programmes are individually tailored to impart clients with new insight, innovative approaches and proven strategies. Board Whisperer® provides non-executive directors who mentor younger or less experienced directors.
Board Whisperer® operates worldwide in English and French.


Litha-Lethu Management Solutions

Litha Lethu

To get the kind of business results you require for the company, means aligning all members of the organisation towards achieving the organisation’s vision.

Litha-Lethu offers a simple, effective and affordable strategic planning process to enable this outcome.

Part of their strategic toolkit is the use of the c@ps and ec@ps methodology, an online, real-time accountability-based system. Interactive, in-house sessions are facilitated by Litha-Lethu, with the programmes accommodating a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 delegates.

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