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17 September 2019

The Legislation of Dagga in SA - what you should know

South Africa has a problem of substance usage and the use of dagga has increased significantly in the past year due to the recent Constitutional Court judgment to de-criminalise the private consumption of cannabis, also known as marijuana and “dagga”. This court judgment has resulted in many…
20 August 2019
Neuroscience conversations
Coaching and Mentoring

A deep dive into the fascinating world of conversations

In loving memory of Judith E. Glaser, who died in November 2018 after a three-year battle with metastatic pancreatic cancer. “The key to better health is to better understand our brain. By understanding how the brain functions, communicates, and responds to our environment, we can reach our full…
17 July 2019
personal values

Where’s the value add in aligning company and personal values?

Organisational values are too often perceived as fluffy, nice ideas that offer no real bottom-line value. However, in today’s increasingly millennial-filled workplaces, this couldn’t be more wrong. According to the Cone Millennial Cause Study, 79% of millennials want to work for a company that…
01 July 2019
change is a given

Change is a given – but can we make it stick?

The contemporary organisation has become multifaceted and is highly dependent on its technological competence and the social skills of its people. It relies strongly on team-based, collaborative processes in an effort to achieve both the short-term objectives and the long-term vision. Organisations…

Generic Management Certificate Programme

25 Jun 2019 Skills Development
generic management
Litha-Lethu Management Solutions has been accredited by BANKSETA (BANK-LautL180420) to provide the Generic Management Certificate Programme (5), Qualification…

Organisational Design – Is a flattened and decentralised hierarchy really good for business?

25 Jun 2019 Organisational Design
Organisational Design
Modern business practices are a result of the strategy and structure of an organisation. The strategy takes into account various factors that can significantly…

Making change happen – isn’t that a job for HR?

25 May 2019 Change
making change happen
In competitive business environments, organisations strive relentlessly towards sustaining a superior advantage. This requires leaders to use proactive…

A look into EQ and its contribution to leadership in the workplace.

25 Apr 2019 Leadership
a look into eq
Whilst the fundamentals of leadership will not change, future leaders will succeed with a different skill set than those of today. In today’s rapidly changing…

Competency Assessments: The value add in the modern recruitment process

25 Mar 2019 Skills Development
competency assessments
Attracting, securing and retaining talent in the market has become a increasingly complex and costly task in modern times. A recent global survey revealed that…

Looking at clouds from both sides: POPI and cloud services

01 Mar 2019 Legislation
Introduction When legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell released her hugely successful album “Clouds” in May 1969 little could she have guessed…

POPI: To opt in or opt out: a guide

01 Feb 2019 Legislation
POPI new
Introduction Previous legislation and regulations prior to the arrival of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in 2013 required organisations…

How unions will respond to AI

25 Jan 2019 Change
unions respond
Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence are transforming everything from retail to banking and the provision of medical care. Along with the emergence…

Governance matters for POPI and PAIA Act Compliance

01 Jan 2019 Legislation
The foundation of good governance lies in assigning responsibilities for activities that will contribute to effective governance. It is no different for…

Performance Management and Monitoring

18 Dec 2018 Skills Development
The ability to phone, email, write an essay, take a picture or work on a spreadsheet, at any time or place, on a device small enough to fit in your pocket has…

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