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Working Smarter

31 October 2020
staying focused on staff 01

Focus on stuff you "can control" in the face of a global pandemic

Is it possible to build the personal and team resilience needed to cope with the global and local response to the virus situation, while also maintaining the mindset required to ‘stay on task’? As we learn to live with the ‘COVID-19 global pandemic’ there are many organisations around the world who…
30 September 2020
Leadership Development Engagement Skills

Leadership Development Engagement Skills in Times of Crisis

A good leader can make a success of a weak business strategy, and a poor leader ruin even the best business strategy. While all leaders have common leadership challenges, there are different leadership development programmes that can be used for different aspects of leadership, unique to each…
04 September 2020
Work from Home

Working from home

Working from home is the new reality, and will be for the foreseeable future. It is also bound to have a profound impact on the way we work in the future. With many companies restructuring the way their workforce is physically deployed, new skills becomes paramount: Are you able to work from home?…
20 July 2020
Skills Development

Is retrenchment the only answer?

A report released by Statistics SA in May 2020, found that one in three South African businesses are considering retrenchment to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. The question to ask is, “Is retrenchment the only answer?” As most of the world grapples with the huge changes to our…

Covid-19’s 4IR acceleration in Training & Education

12 Jun 2020 Skills Development
2020 has taken the world by surprise with COVID- 19 dominating and impacting all economies. South Africa has not been spared and is only starting to see the…

4IR and what you need to know

28 May 2020 Marketing
The 4th Industrial Revolution is not new. Did you know that this concept was formalised by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic…

Is 5G the mother of Covid19?

06 Apr 2020 Coaching and Mentoring
5G Covid 19
The man who first made fire was most certainly ostracised by his tribe for trying to play God. Thankfully, it did not take long for humans to realise that…

The Leader's Walk

17 Mar 2020 Coaching and Mentoring
Talk at the 30% Club on the 17th March 2020 Topic: What is the mental map of a creative fashion designer that you use to apply in the business world. Each of…

How we gauge that pressure has changed over the last 21 years.

05 Dec 2019 Leadership
21 year pressure pic
In 1998, the world was very different - dial-up modems still screeched through phone lines, France were poised to win the World Cup and NASA found water on the…

A car running on coal

13 Nov 2019 Leadership
Zero emission
Before you jump to your keyboard and send me some hate mail, I want to clearly state that I do support any initiative that would protect our little blue…

The Legislation of Dagga in SA - what you should know

17 Sep 2019 Legislation
South Africa has a problem of substance usage and the use of dagga has increased significantly in the past year due to the recent Constitutional Court judgment…

Where’s the value add in aligning company and personal values?

17 Jul 2019 Leadership
personal values
Organisational values are too often perceived as fluffy, nice ideas that offer no real bottom-line value. However, in today’s increasingly millennial-filled…

Change is a given – but can we make it stick?

01 Jul 2019 Change
change is a given
The contemporary organisation has become multifaceted and is highly dependent on its technological competence and the social skills of its people. It relies…

Generic Management Certificate Programme

25 Jun 2019 Skills Development
generic management
Litha-Lethu Management Solutions has been accredited by BANKSETA (BANK-LautL180420) to provide the Generic Management Certificate Programme (5), Qualification…

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